Reflecting on the Past

All of the advancements we've made did not happen at once. For over 50 years S&T has existed to connect people together. Many things have changed since our inception, but there are some things that will never be forgotten, and others such as our passion for technology and our focus on our customers will forever be a part of who we are.

Embracing Change

As technology and the world evolves, it can be easy to fall behind or to feel lost. Throughout our history it has been an open acceptance of change that has kept us moving forward. Although we are constantly adapting to new trends and innovations, it's our focus to keep you informed and to lend a hand along the way.

Challenging the Impossible

What is easy is not always what is right. Taking the difficult path often leads to more growth, irrespective of the outcome. We are not afraid to question the norms and tackle the hard problems. The benefits are not only great for our company, but for our customers as well.

Always Unconventional

Thinking into the future means being unconventional. Our history shows this to be true. We have a track record of bringing products, services, and a local touch that gives customers the ability to do things previously unimaginable.

Working Together

It's no surprise that in order to make a big impact, S&T employees maintain the important understanding that working together allows the company to accomplish great things. Our friends, neighbors, and communities give us inspritation to be relentless in our quest to seek and develop the technologies that improves lives. It takes everyone working side by side to see the innovation thrive.

A Passion for Technology

Technology captivates us, not just at work, but everywhere we experience it. Our employees are makers, tinkerers, thinkers, and individuals who have an unending passion for exploring, designing, building, and using technology.

A History of Innovation

It all started with the telephone, and a focus on connecting rural areas to the world through voice communication. We will never forget about our roots. Our local farmers and communities are what brought S&T to the point we are at today.