Fiber to the Home

S&T is working hard to bring the latest technology to your door! In 2012, we began building a new Fiber Network to propel S&T into the future. We are striving to be the best provider for you in Northwest Kansas.

Phase one began in Dighton and Healy back in 2012. Our customers in those communities now can receive all of the HD channels S&T has to offer which could not be offered before.

Phase two began in 2013. We built and cutover all of Grinnell, Menlo and Levant!

We are currently working in Brewster on Phase three of our project which will include Winona, Russell Springs and Kanorado Our goal is to have all of these communities completed by January 2016.

Building for a better tomorrow and empowering you with innovation!

Posted by S&T on September 1, 2014