Why is S&T going all digital?
It’s time for an upgrade! Due to bandwidth limitations on our analog system, we can no longer add any channels to our lineup and our network contracts demand we carry specific channels. By changing our system to an all digital solution, we will reduce bandwidth demand and be able to increase the number of HD channels in the near future.

But what does this change really mean for you?
Each TV will need a set-top box or a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) connected to it to receive the video. With several boxes to choose from, the improved service will ensure a better customer experience that includes:

  • Better Picture Quality
  • On-Screen Programming Guide
  • Future Addition of HD Programming
  • Advanced Equipment options
  • HD Channels to your current corresponding channel package will now be available
Do I need to purchase a digital or HD ready TV?
No, it is not required to have a digital or HD ready TV for us to complete the transition. Your service will be the same as it has been with the exception that it most likely will appear sharper, have more vibrant colors and improved audio quality. But, in order to experience full HD quality programming an HD TV is necessary. Without you may not notice a difference between SD and HD channels.

Will I still need a receiver if I only watch the local channels?
Yes, all TV’s will require a receiver in order to receive S&T’s video service.

When should I upgrade?
Due to the number of customers and service areas, the all-digital upgrade will be done in phases throughout the year. Analog service will end sooner for some customer segments than others, depending on your service area. You will receive a notification in the mail about thirty-days before your transition period. On the day your area is scheduled to be converted, the analog system will no longer be available. Any TV without a digital box attached to it will no longer be able to receive the programming as of your conversion date.

Have more questions? We are available Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM to discuss your options and help you with this evolution or you can stop by any S&T store.