Simple HD Box
When it comes to the video products that we now offer we have several options to choose from. The Simple HD Box is a palm-sized box that comes with a remote control and offers an interactive guide. It can be used on standard definition or older televisions. This is the no-frills solution that simply takes the digital signal and converts it so you can view the content. This is an option just for simple TV viewing.

The eBox is small and compact. It is capable of high definition up to 1080P and requires a broadband connection. It is an all in one solution with access to your video streaming subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon video, Hulu, Pandora, YouTube and more. It also has the TiVo experience so it can recommend shows based on your viewing habits. However, it does not have DVR capabilities. This is a great option for those who stream video and want to consolidate down to one piece of equipment.

Whole Home
Our premiere product is the Whole Home DVR Solution uses the feature rich TiVo platform where you can easily stream, record, share and access your entire library of entertainment from any room in your home! It would have access to your video streaming subscriptions. It includes an on the go app, which means you can watch it from anywhere in your home on any device that has Broadband connectivity. You can record or watch up to six channels simultaneously. It offers up to 1000 Standard definition or 200+ hours of High definition recording. It starts with the main TV in your home. Then you can add two, three or more boxes powered by TiVo - for your bedroom, kitchen, den or basement - and the Whole Home DVR System is complete! It’s the easiest way to stream content in real time from room to room and record programming the whole household will enjoy. This is a fantastic option for those who want to have the best TV experience throughout their entire home. Broadband connectivity and a 2 year commitment is required.

Whole Home Mini
The Whole Home mini box is the add-on-box for the Whole Home DVR. It will expand your experience through the entire home. Start a show in one room and finish it in another. Requires one Whole Home DVR box.

We are excited to offer a new video product XpressTV. This uses a Roku device, that you can either purchase from S&T or acquire from anywhere it’s available. It's small and compact and displays your favorite local channels with a simple, easy to use navigation system. This will provide the value tier and corresponding channels. It must be connected to S&T Broadband service. This is a great option for where there is S&T Broadband but no video service available.

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